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Amid a surge in deaths, a safe place to get high — and to avoid an overdose

New York is combating opioid overdoses with places where people can use drugs openly — a first in the United States.

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El Salvador’s president buys Bitcoins ‘naked,’ he boasts. His experiment is costing his nation millions

Four months into the unusual financial experiment, few Salvadorans use the cryptocurrency, and fraud has been widespread.

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L.A.’s $1.2-billion bond measure may not be enough to tackle homelessness, audit finds

Costs for Proposition HHH-funded projects continued to rise and only half the projects are set to be ready for occupancy by 2023, the audit found.

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Whipp: The 10 best picture Oscar nominees make their pitches for a win

Awards consultants are sharpening their final Oscar pitches. Here’s how we’re hearing them.